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Welcome Jannine Corti Petska & Alessandra Podesta, Heroine from Dante's Flame

Please give a warm welcome to Alessandra Podesta from Dante’s Flame by Jannine Corti Petska today as we sit down and see what makes her tick.
Q: So tell us about yourself. What got you in the crosshairs for your author? My father sent me to Naples to cure my need for adventure. And to keep me from flirting with a noble’s married son. He only stole one kiss.
I am a storyteller. I weave tales of romance and adventure in my journal.  I believe the author wrote my story because we share the love of the written word.
Q: What was it that drew you to your mate? Have you not seen Dante Santangelo? What female would not be drawn to him? Mayhap his male beauty caught my eye at first. The first time he wrapped his arms around me stole my breath. He possesses hard muscles aplenty. But he is an intelligent and patient man. The kind of man I needed in a husband. But then, he does have the most remarkable, violet eyes.
Q: A little naughty fun, where was the wildest place you seduced your partner? **gigg…

It's Birthday Time for Breathless Press

August is our Birthday Month so drop by our facebook page, website, blog and more to see what is going on the entire month of August. Some wonderful events are being planned. From free stories to a scavenger hunt. Get ready to party with us as we celebrate our birthday at Breathless Press!

My Personal Review for An Elf For All Centuries

If you enjoyed the movie Zoolander here is the perfect answer to your desires. A spoiled supermodel elf, a desperate wizard and a love that is destined to cross the time. This is An Elf for all Centuries.

My Rating for An Elf for all Centuries: 3.5 Stars

Elf Prince Fabian is the best supermodel out there. But when he meets a wizard named Matradorian, well let’s just say the perfect life he had goes up in a puff of smoke. Now he is sent back in time to help his fallen King, Henda, who is grieving for his lover who died. But Fabian is facing obstacles at every turn because when he finds out that by helping the king recover, he just may have wiped himself out in his own time period. Can this supermodel elf find a way to go back to his time or will he be stuck in the time where he is just a normal elf?

S. A. Garcia delivers one hell of a story. It will keep you on the edge of your seat or in  my case, falling off the bed because I was laughing too hard at some of the over the top moments fro…

Guest Author Day with Elysia Hendricks

Welcome to Dawn’s Reading Nook, Elysa Hendricks. Please let my cabana boys/girls get you a drink and make yourself at home. Comfortable? Great…now let’s get down to business.
So tell us about yourself. What got you interested in writing? Who are your publisher(s)?
Well, before I get started I'd love a frozen marguerite. Thanks. Okay, now I'm ready. I'm 5'6" tall. I have brown eyes and curly hair. I'm a writer, a wife, a mother and a daughter. Everything else is subject to change without notice.
I've always been a voracious reader, reading everything from non-fiction to science fiction. Even as a child I told myself, and everyone else who'd listen, stories. In grade school I even convinced some classmates I was an alien visiting from Venus to learn about Earth and its inhabitants.
Right now I have four fantasies, GEMINI MOON, CRYSTAL MOON, SHADOW MOON and FORBIDDEN MOON published with ImaJinn Books. In October they'll release my sci-fi romance DARK STAR…


We have been honored to have participated in Recipes from  So, over the next few weeks we'd like to share those recipes.  This is the final entry.  Each includes our own zany humor along with something about books.  If you wish a FREE copy of the entire book which includes recipes from many of CBG's authors, please write us at with COOKBOOK in the subject line.

Desert - Eagles Cake
Contributed by: Angelica Hart and Zi ( Romantic thrillers, fantasy, paranormal
Story behind the recipe - We adore the football team, the Eagles, and this desert is a sports fan's guilty pleasure and or warm-fuzzy -- win or lose cake.What better way to celebrate any football season than with aEagles green, sweet, moist cake?(Yes, we're from that part of the world.)You can have a blast making this cake – there will be green food dye and green cake batter everywhere! But that’s half the fun.NOTE:Apron and towels are a must.NOT…

Book Spotlight Day with Haven Raines's Farnsworth Hall

Could Castles Ever Be Complete Without a Secret Passage?
A secret passage is usually inside a structure leading to a secret room or a way of entering/exiting without being seen. Hidden rooms and passageways have helped people carry out illegal, religious, political, or smuggling activities, evade capture, and spy on others. Many MedievalCastles or Arabic houses were not complete without a secret passage.
The entry to these passages were difficult to detect. The doors were camouflaged so they appear as a part of the structure such as bookshelf, with a window ledge, fireplace, or ornament on the wall. Some entrances were more elaborately concealed and can be opened only by engaging a hidden mechanism or locking device. Other hidden doors were much simpler such as a trapdoor hidden under a rug.
A secret passage is not just the province of ancient castles and the mansions of famous magicians. Secret passages can be easily built in your own home, and they can provide hours of entertainment fo…

New Dreamspinner Press Releases-Week of July 23rd 2012

This weeks new releases from Dreamspinner Press

Daddio by Mickie J. Ashling
Sequel to Taste
Horizons Series: Book Three

Length: Novel Genre:Contemporary Buy in E-book & Print
Six months after meeting at the Taste of Chicago, Lil Lampert and Grier Dilorio are living together.  Their physical bond glows brighter than ever, but the couple soon realizes that it takes more than three magic words and outstanding sex to make a partnership work.
Like any fledgling, Grier is learning how to navigate his new life. His problems should have ended when Jillian signed the papers acknowledging him as Luca’s biological father and he got the opportunity to pursue a career in interior design.  Instead, he’s hampered by old fears and bad habits that are hard to let go.
Adjusting to a small apartment in a four-season state—with a much younger man sporting a stubborn streak—is a challenge for Lil. His position as Luca’s “Daddio” is a delicate balancing act between doing what he thinks …

A change at my blog

Due to the fact I don't want to be sued, I have discontinued mancandy days here at the blog.

If I do post any mancandy pictures, the pictures I have either bought and license to or have the permission of the photographer to post it.

I love mancandy just as much as the rest of you do but alas, I am not wanting a fight over it. So I deleted all posts with mancandy pictures I have posted here.

A link to a blog post who had this happen to her-

Welcome SJD Peterson today

Please give a warm welcome to my friend and cookie loving author, SJD Peterson, the author of the emotionally charged Whispering Pines Series at Dreamspinner Press.

I love this series with passion (still got to read book 2 and 3 yet) but have to admit this is an author who knows how to put her readers through the wringer of emotions. I highly suggest buying stock in kleenex when you pick up one of these books-you will need it!

Now onto Jo's post on her upcoming book-Connor's Courage....

When I set out to write Lorcan’s Desire, it was to be but one story about Lorcan and his desire and quest to find acceptance outside of his family. That one story then became a trilogy. Each book introduces new characters that influenced Lorcan’s life in one way or another. Again, I had no plans to continue the story beyond Lorcan’s adventure, which the trilogy encompasses.
Then we have Conner.
Conner is such a huge part of the Whispering Pines Ranch. He’s like its backbone. He’s the one who makes …